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How to Stay Safe In The Sun

There are very obvious ways to stay safe when going out to the beach or for a walk in the heat, such as wearing sunscreen and a hat, but did you know there’s more ways to prevent that icky feeling you get when you get home?

Drink Water!

Admittedly this one is pretty obvious, but staying hydrated can help prevent that sick feeling you get after being in the heat all day. In fact, staying hydrated is important, period.

Take Vitamin Supplements

The sun is a powerful star, one so powerful that its UV rays can actually weaken your immune system (hot dang!). It’s important to take certain supplements in order to maintain a healthy immune system. Our favourite is GenBioChem® Immunity.

Check Your Products

Lotions, perfumes, and even some medications can create vulnerabilities to the sun’s powerful rays. Make sure to check your products and consult your doctor if you’re unsure about your medication’s effect on your skin sensitivity.

Be smart about your exposure to the sun and take care of your body and mind in the process. Fingers crossed it’s going to be a beautiful summer, so enjoy yourself. Stay safe and healthy!

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