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Bridging The Gap

Described by Reader’s Digest as a “world-beater” in innovation, our CEO Dr. Jacqueline Shan’s passion for marrying the worlds of science and nature is shared by all of us at PBG.

Her vision for a better, healthier future led her to discover the revolutionary GenBioChem Triple Fingerprinting Technology™, discover and develop the number one selling COLD-FX®, as well as other massively successful natural health brands, and receive over 25 national and international science and business awards along the way.


We let our science speak for itself.

At the centre of everything we do is our GenBioChem® Triple Fingerprinting technology. Through three routes of chemical, biological and genomic fingerprinting, we guarantee purity, quality and consistency from batch to batch. Our pharmaceutical standards exceed the requirements of natural health products.


In a world of uncertainty, we are dedicated to delivering exactly what we promise- effective, high quality products.

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