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How to Take Memorable Photos

While memories are precious enough just thinking about them, it’s also important to capture moments on camera so you can be sure to remember them for years to come. Digital cameras, disposable cameras, and phones are great ways to capture memorable moments. Here are some tips to get great photos.

Take Candid Photos

Posed photos are great in some cases, but when capturing memories, it’s great to see people laughing and having a great time without focusing on the camera and how they’ll look in the photo after. Whip out the camera and catch people in their happiest moments, without the burden of posing.

Make Sure The Lighting Is Right

It’s easy to take great photos when you’re outside and the sun is shining, but otherwise make sure to use flash when possible (especially if you’re using a film or disposable camera). Nothing sucks more than going to develop film and finding that many photos didn’t turn out because the light was too dim!

Look Up Framing Tips

Looking up ways to frame your photos when taking them is a sure-fire way to make them look great and worthy of scrapbooking or putting up on the wall. It’s fun enough to have someone be in the center of the photo but try to get some dynamic photos as well to capture the scene.

Photos are a great keepsake for memories. It’s also important to take care of yourself and your brain in order to keep those memories flowing. Our favourite supplement for that is GenBioChem® Memory 60 Capsules. Stay safe and healthy!

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