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How to Get Out of A Productivity Rut

It’s more common than ever to find yourself in a productivity rut nowadays. Working from home, just getting back into the office, or just finding yourself bored is normal. However, there are a few things you can do to help your productivity levels and your overall energy.

Take a Walk

It’s common to hear this suggestion when you’re lacking in creativity, but it really does help. Exercise gets your body moving and grooving and can get some much needed blood flow to the spots that are neglected when you’re sitting all day.

Read a Book

In addition to it being some much needed “me time”, reading a book can inspire you in many different ways both creatively and productivity-wise. Fiction or nonfiction, it’s your choice.

Take Some (Natural) Supplements

Supplements that provide you with natural energy are important to avoid burnout and energy crashes later on in the day. Our favourite is GenBioChem® Memory 60 Capsules | natural-rf (

Last but not least, don’t feel too much pressure to be productive every single second of every single day. There’s only so much you can do and so much time in your life. Take a second to breathe and remember you are not defined by a lapse in productivity. Stay safe and healthy!

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